Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Exploring Ruai

This ride was the first one trying out the camera and I had 'cleverly' mounted it on the handle bars for the shakiest footage ever....forgive a novice.

Hello MTBers,

Ride Brief
D-day: Labour Day 2015
Venue: Ruai
Gang: Ngugi, Kubai and later on Kavutha

Ride: 86.2km, 602m climbing, 5.5 hours

The ride that almost never was due to the weather but having regreted before when the weather changed Ngugi and I decided to go for it. From my place to near Ruai it was pouring and boy were we rained on. It was so cold that breathing was a problem but we soldiered on. The rain was okay but it was the water from trucks wheels on the bypass that was driving me insane.
Confirming if we were in the right compound

It was that freaking bad

Like really terrible

The breakfast wait was totally worthwhile

That was how we rode into Kavutha's compound and their jaws fell to the floor. The breakfast however was out of this world and we stuffed our faces a good one....after a feeble attempt at cleaning up. Chapo, Bread with honey and loads of hot tea....that breakfast was the boost for the Exploring Ruai part of the ride. And explore we explored....

The bridge we initially ignored...see video below

How normal people do it
We all have that one friend
The going did get tough

One Ngugi fell like a log....still hunting for the video.

We crossed a river but opted not to use the bridge even when it was a few metres down the road....happened twice, second time we had no bridge in sight though. With all the water action that day the bikes...or should I say my bike got really squeaky.

                                           This just had to be done!

                                            Really loved this part of the ride.

All in all, a remarkable ride.

The ride playlist on YouTube is available HERE
The ride on Strava is available HERE
Join our club on strava HERE
From a life behind bars.....handle bars,


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