Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Karatina - Sagana

"The nerve of this blogger wannabe, posting about rides done a whole year ago!"

Ride Brief
Distance: 75.4km
Elevation: 1,366m
Duration: 5 hours
Venue: Karatina - Sagana

This was the first time I was riding at home in just over 14 years and so I was eager to explore and explore thoroughly.

22nd December 2014

This was when I did my first big ride while at my Mum's. Really really big ride that took me to a camp site I went to after my KCPE in 2000. The first 46 km were a breeze and I knew I would regret starting with the descent despite a million warnings that I should save the easy part for last. The descent to Sagana was beautiful paved and off-road sections with minimal traffic and some good high speeds (Max speed of 63.7 km/h). The temperatures were insane at an average of  29℃ and hitting a maximum of 41℃ and too imagine the last stretch was in pouring rain.

The last 29 km so me climb from 1200m to 1833m and most of it in pouring rain! Kangocho is not to be taken lightly....that climb ends in Karatina town

Would love to do this ride in reverse...anyone interested?
Off-road section was an unfinished road but mostly up hill
That was the temperature at 2:12 p.m....the point at which you start regretting your decisions
My faithful servant
Still a great camp site this many years later. Great sleep over spot for cyclists if ever the need arose.
Stopped at a friend's curio shop for lunch before the ascent and the pouring rain

The ride on Strava is available HERE
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From a life behind bars.....handle bars,


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