Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Karatina - Othaya - Nyeri

"Better late than never!"

Ride Brief
Distance: 81.5km
Elevation: 1,506m
Duration: 6 hours
Venue: Karatina - Othaya - Nyeri

Boxing Day 2014

With 3 category 4 climbs and lots of up and down, I confess that I did get off the saddle and push my bike at one point. "Why not just turn back and head back?" one would ask. Well, the first 10 or so kilometres were mostly downhill so turning back would translate to 10km climbing. I took my chances and simply put, VERY DUMB DECISION.

The descents were many (Top speed: 61.6 km/h) but the ascents were extremely brutal and it was nowhere near being easy. The roads were however quite clear and very enjoyable and the occasional cheer kept me pushing. Had a brief stop over in Nyeri town to catch up with holidaying Nairobi residents before the final stretch to Karatina.
Roadside views before things got brutally thick

Still going descending

The view before things got thick!
As expected....fewer stops to take pics when ascending. One of the many climbs.
Lunch pit stop

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