Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Karura Forest

I could write a post about this forest daily. I have over 1000km in it alone, if my estimation is anything to go buy. This is where I honed my skills, visiting the forest almost daily and always having fun. I blame it for failing IFoA exams since I spent most of my study leave in the forest (the secret is out)

This is where I plan to restart my cycling after a long hiatus due to work and school. Come January 2016, I will build my fitness and endurance. Feel Free to join me.

Entry Fee:
  • Citizen: Adult - Ksh. 100 Child - Ksh. 40
  • Resident: Adult - Ksh. 200 Child - Ksh. 100
  • Non-resident: Adult - Ksh. 600 Child - Ksh. 300

For cyclists, with your own bike, all you pay for is entry. Bikes are available for hire at Ksh 500/hour (Subject to confirmation since they have had a running offer of Ksh 500 for 2 hours)

There are a few other services on offer...but I have digressed!

The Ride(s)
This romance did not start smooth. When I announced my intentions to venture a bit far from Ruaka into Karura, everyone was key to point out Karura's nasty past...but I decided, tener cojones, and off to the forest.

The thrills were many, my first single track, river crossing minus the bridge, sharing a birthday with part of the forest, wildlife and the thrill of going out of my comfort zone. This is the place to be.

The many trails....only on one side of the forest. I am yet to take pictures of the Sigiria side.
Quite the terrain when wet
Video showing a few sections of the trail

A few from the heavily wooded and much more exhilarating Sigiria side. Need to be on high alert for joggers, horses and fellow cyclists on the single trails. 
The best part of Karura for me on during the dry and rainy season....they cemented it so riding over through the water these days is easier and the water hardly overflows unless it has really rained.
Oh the joys of riding through this.
Why would anyone not want to do this?

The river in previous pictures lead to this amazing sight. Impossible to access on bike but something I would advise anyone to enjoy and grab a pic or two

The Waterfall Stretch

My ride at the section of the forest that I share a birthday with

A few grazes are expected trying to get KOMs
And Sigiria can do this to your bike if you push it hard enough.

Trying my hand at photography...taking a break
Karura is known to host a few MTB races         Photo creds: Kamwere
David Kinja getting interviewed after a race his team dominated as well! Cycling legend!
KEFET Grounds hosting Oktoberfest
Always great being able to take someone round Karura

A few videos from Karura done on a Polaroid XS100i Action Cam
This is from the gate on Kiambu Road

A few descents here and there in Karura

Thank you for sticking to the end. I promise shorter and regular posts in 2016.

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