Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Karatina - Nyeri

"This ride was in progress at this time in 2014! How about that?"

Ride Brief
Distance: 67.2km
Elevation: 1,166m
Duration: 4 and a half hours
Venue: Karatina - Nyeri

Last Ride 2014

This was a nostalgic ride as I took the route i had taken to primary and secondary school. I made it to the gate of my primary school but my target of going as far up Nyeri Hill as I could became an invalid dream - they do exist.

This was a fairly balanced ride that allowed me to stop at a place that I had been curious about for ages, Nyeri (kiganjo) War Cemetery. Very well manicured loans and tombstones of World War 2 soldiers with very interesting epitaphs. Kiganjo to Game Rock was easier than I had expected. The corners notwithstanding, the climbing was very easy, I was skeptical about the descents though. The road at some points really narrowed out but hey, pretty amazing ride. Heading back, I bumped into a beast on his way to Nyeri from Nanyuki and heading back to Nanyuki.....when I grow up.

The ride was cut short to avoid being on the road at the same time with the famous miraa (khat) pick-ups, notorious for knocking pedestrians over repeatedly.

Views from the winding Kiganjo - Nyeri road
View from the Karatina - Nanyuki road
This sign had been enticing for very many years
The dominant feature at the cemetery

Very beautifully manicured lawns
The tombstones

Unknown soldier, only "Known Unto God"
Just off the Nyeri - Nairobi highway heading home and to closing the ride calendar for 2014

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