Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bike Service

Same way guys have the one barber that if you do not go to, you feel like you have cheated, I believe it is the same with one's bike mechanic. Mine, is called Osman and his workmanship fascinates me. Osman has gotten me back on the saddle today, after 6 months, with an impeccable job. Situated in Highridge, there are times when traffic at his garage is unbearable and so it always helps to be there bright and early.

What I like about Osman:

  • Pocket friendly
  • Comes highly recommended
  • Has loads of goodies on sale
  • Can fix every bike related problem and will get any spare
  • He is a trustworthy fellow
  • Excellent location and easy to find
My baby getting all the attention it needs
Fixes even really baby bikes
Some of the bikes on sale....the good ones are under lock and key!
So, if you ever need your bike serviced or to replace a part or two....look for Osman. Get in touch in the comment section if you need to get in touch with Osman.

The ride back home from Osman's was truly baptism by fire but after 6 months, I did not expect any less.

The ride on Strava is available HERE
Join our club on strava HERE
From a life behind bars.....handle bars,


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